CEO’s talk about Manufacturing in Mexico

Posted in: Blog on May 30, 2012

Scott Overson, Louise Goeser, and Carla Hills, share us very valuable information about Mexico’s development on the industrial sector. And pin points the country as the number one for manufacturing and engineering solutions, delivering to the US. Making manufacturing in Mexico way more competitive than China, India, Brazil and many other’s.

Scott Overson — Director General — Intel Mexico says:
“What we are seeing here, is a shift as more jobs, more energy, more foreign investment are going to more advanced applications, so more into technology and aerospace; or more into advanced manufacturing, not just simple unskilled manufacturing. Those aspects of Mexico economy seem to be accelerating.”

Louise Goeser — CEO — Siemen’s Mesoamérica
“Mexico now, is the least expensive country to do business and manufacturing, engineering delivering to the U.S. And in fact, is much less expensive than China, India, Brazil and many other countries, that I think many people don’t realized today.”

Carla HillsU.S. Trade Representative (1989-1993)
“Global index for manufacturing competitiveness finds Mexico 7th most competitive in manufacturing. And KMPG ranks Mexico as number one in terms of auto parts manufacturing. So Mexico is becoming a real star in the global economy.”