Right Hand Synergy Management Team

Meet our board of directors:


Jorge Velazco

President of Right Hand Manufacturing

Creating solutions for clients and catering to their needs is Jorge Velazco’s goal at Right Hand Manufacturing. Since 1994, Mr. Velazco has seen many changes take place at Right Hand Manufacturing. With each change, Mr. Velazco and his team have gained valuable insight that continue to make the company stronger. The trust of his clients is of utmost importance. By creating joint ventures and strategic partnerships, his team has helped Right Hand Manufacturing continue to grow and prosper. Prior to Right Hand, Mr. Velazco worked for 9 years at Panasonic in manufacturing and product engineering and was one of the first to engineer the flat-screen TVs for Panasonic. He earned his Industrial Engineer degree from el Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana.



Humberto Vela

Chief Information Officer of Right Hand Synergy

Software Development Engineer, Graduated from Cesun University, Humberto Vela has been with Right Hand since 1995, with 15+ years of IT experience, Support, Development Implementation, Strategically and cost effectively utilize technology in alignment with corporate goals. Consistently improve delivery times and service levels while reducing cost and implementing best practice methodologies continuous improvement programs.

Responsible for the overall technological direction of their company. Increasingly involved in the strategic business plan of the company as part of the executive team. Proposing budgets for projects and programs, hire and assign computer specialists and support personnel to carry out specific parts of the projects, Also providing the organization with the vision to master information technology as a competitive tool,  his ideal is help people to create harmony between life and work.



Mohamed Gamal

Vice President of Engineering Services

Design and Production Engineer, graduated from Ain Shams University (Cairo – Egypt), Worked and studied in various international environments like Egypt, France, Italy and Mexico. Holding a double European master degree in Supply Chain and Purchasing management from Audencia Nantes (France) and MIP (Italy). Various experience in lean manufacturing, quality control and Six Sigma. Joined Right Hand Synergy since 2014 as Vice President of Engineering Services”.